Midi Loop Pattern from Media Bay VS. Chordpad editor

Apparently , Dragging in a C minor Midi Loop Like the * Ballad - Chorus - A * from media Bay gives you a totally different Pattern than if you make a chord Track and import the * Ballad - Chorus - A * Pattern and use the ChordPad editor to record that pattern on A track.

Dragging it in - via Media Bay - Only the Chord in C minor is offered and no other chords within the key - With that same pattern.

Using the ChordPad editor means I can get Cminor / D min / Eb / F min yadda yada - with the Ballad chorus A pattern.

I MUCH prefer the Pattern that you get when dragging it in from media Bay

Is there a way to produce the same pattern I get when dragging it in from Media Bay and have that pattern available for All the other chords in the Key of C Minor ?