MIDI Loop Preset Remapping?

Cubase 8.0.5
I had to uninstall the SE versions of Halion Sonic and Groove Agent due to crashes. I got the full versions which seem to work fine but all the MIDI content is mapped to the SE plugin versions. When I drag a MIDI loop into a project Cubase loads the non-existent plugin. There are also loops associated with the Trap Drums plugin, whatever that is.
I didn’t remove the SE version content and I assume that the patches work with the full versions, I’ve loaded a few and this seems to be the case.
Is there a way to tell Cubase to remap the association to Halion Sonic and Groove Agent?

Hi Tom H,

I would recommend for you to open a “tech support ticket” via your MySteinberg user account, so that your local support team can help you solve this. I really doubt that you will get any real help here in the forums, since this particular issue seems to be somehow related to your system. I mean, the crashing of the SE plugins. That should not happen.

All the best