Midi loop recording , grid lines, midi random position


1; Can we have event on event separately for midi track when we are recording with loop mode ( cycle recording ) , without hearing the previous events, like audio track in cubasis 3 ?

In audio tracks we can record event on event separately and then we can select one of the best event recording and delete other events . But in midi track there is for loop recording only ( overdub mode = adding notes to previous recorded notes at same event ).

Could you please add event on event mode to midi settings, For us to have two methods for selecting. Overdubbing mode and event on event mode, without hearing previous events ?

2, grid lines in piano roll are very thin and pale . please add Manual adjustment grid lines resolution , a person like me that has a weak eye, the diagnosis of these lines is really hard for him .

3, you have added strength option for quantize, that’s very very useful , can i ask you for adding random note position in quantize section with manual adjustment. Or adding this option in midi effects. In many of the items I create midi sequence via drum machine or arpeggiators or chord pads in cubasis but these notes are Dry and computed and very accurate , that we can creat humanize with random position option . I have always used this capability in CUBASE windows version.

Is it possible to accept these requests? Thank you if you answer .

Is there no answer?

Hi @Pejman,

Thank you for your message.

The team monitors the forum on a constant basis, including reviewing the feature requests from our customers.

Normally, new features will be announced once new updates are released.

Best wishes,