Midi loop resets the VST preset (automation is off)

Hello, I’ll try to explain the best I can.

I use exported midi files from Guitar Pro in Cubase Elements 9.5 with softsynths from Arturia’s V collection. When I go back to the beginning of the loop (or simply back in time or to the next occurrence of that loop), it will erase what I tweaked on the VST and reset it to the last saved state of the preset, as if there was automation going on, but all automation is off. The only solution I found is to rewrite by hand the midi loop and then the problem disappears, but it’s time consuming to do it for every loop I already made. Is there a way to prevent the midi loop from resetting the VST’s preset every time?


Hi and welcome,

Most probably the values are set by sending MIDI Controllers. Double check what MIDI Controllers do you send and make sure they are necessary.

Thank you, you lead me to the solution! In the Arturia VST I went to “MIDI Controller Configs” and click “Empty”, the problem disappeared. Thanks again.