Midi loops me needs mooore!

I am addicted to midi loops through the chord track feature!
Can I have more please?
Where can I buy?

I have tried to search but cannot find :ugeek:

make your own… its more fun that way :smiley:

I get your point.

But for me the brilliant part of midi loops is the inspirational part.
That I have something coming out of the speakers that I would NOT have thought of :bulb:

Just out of interest, where are you getting the midi loops from at the mo? Just wondering, are they included with Cb7?


Yes, they are included in cubase 7.
Be me needs moooooorrreee :laughing:

As I understand there isn’t any more packs ready to go.
I have to import midi files into cubase and link them to an instrument and export them as a midi loop…
But to spend days doing this defeats the whole purpose for my use.
Quick inspiration and keeping it light.

I have the exact same kind of prob :wink:
I would also like to have more included midi files and fills,
just so you can find a nice groove quick and easy :slight_smile:

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I’m actually kind of surprised no 3rd party companies like Loop Masters, Vengeance, Sample Magic, etc… are making MIDI Loops for Cubase.

Well, I for one will pay good bucks for midi loops integrated with cubase!!

This is something that I been trying to get Steinberg to do ,
Im not sure why Audio loops are there priority. Midi loops are much more
better, First I learned so much from using them . Controller settings ,
and improve my playing skills … ideas I would of never thought of…
yes there is the midi loops from the Sequel content now in Cubase 7.
I also Have HALion 5 with its Flex phrase now can be edit as a midi loop…

I took a long road and bought Midi loop packs from 3rd party and
imported, set up HALIon Sonic SE for the right sound Exported key tempo and tag
I have well over 2000 Piano bass guitar Acoustic Guitar picking and strum patterns
Logic pro has the jam packs they can be export as a midi file then imported and again
each one set up with a sound tag key tempo imported midi loop :open_mouth:
yes I have way to much time on my hands :astonished: :blush:

I don’t even know if it would be possible.
But could you pass it on?

I could even make some hundreds loops if I knew others did too.
The consept is the element of surprise.
It is true gold…

Could this be a revolution?
It can be!

Can’t give any of mine away or sell as the original files I paid for
from a number of companies .

But I will be making my own drum midi loops and will be
doing drum tracks in midi format for anyone who needs drum tracks
for there songs, its just taking more time than I thought . :smiley:

I’m sure this is old news, but you do know that the beat designer pre-sets can be very quickly converted into midi files?

Perhaps KVR could be persuaded to host people’s home made midi loops? It’s an excellent resource for plugins and other things.

Personally, I think that the Media Bay should be (optionally) able to browse online content so we could audition some samples of loops and sounds etc, and then flop for a whole library - which gets automatically downloaded and installed into Cubase. An app store for Cubase in other words! I’m sure we’ll get there eventually…


I have done and hopefully you guys can do is go to a number of
3rd party ( Producer Loops , Twiddly Beats , Groove Monkey they just do drums ,
MVP Loops , 5 pin Media , DMS , Hex Loops , Smash up the Studio There are many more
and email each of them and request for already Cubase midi loops for HSSE , Retrologue , padshop
and not just electronic but acoustic as well , The only two Steinberg did was Prologue Discoveries
and Synthesizers. Synthesizers is HALion One which is 32 bit plugin not good on my system so a waste
of money … and keep requesting steinberg !!!

We want more, we want more, we want more!!
Who should I request again?

You mean midi loops?

Yep I mean midi loops, smart bottom.

done. :slight_smile:

If enough Cubase users do the same maybe we’ll start seeing some results! As iRan says, all the ingredients to make high quality usable midi loops are there now: HSSE, Retrologue, Padshop, Prologue, Mystic, Spector, GAO, etc… plus I think there would also be enough demand to make midi loops using popular 3rd party synths too like Sylenth, Massive, Reaktor, etc…

Sure is, but one cannot make midi loops from a midi track only from an instrument track or am I missing something?

Well the reason for a Instrument track is the midi loop is link to it. so you can audition it
in the Loop , Media bay, in time and key to the project. but you can drag it to a midi track
and use any instrument you want I have HALion 5 set up in the VST instrument rack and use midi tracks,
I can drag the loop to one of them , the great thing about midi loops is, say its a piano arpeggio I can change
the sound to a synth or acoustic guitar :smiley: for me it has got me thinking out side the box and improved
my skills