midi loops packs

Hi Im a big fan of midi loops more than the audio loops
Prologe discoveries and synthesizers instrument set
seam to be the only new instrument set that has midi loops

how about new midi loops packs for the existing sounds in Halion Sonic se
Halion Sonic

Pianos, bass, organs, synths

Plenty of 3rd parties sell MIDI loops.

I guess Steinberg isn’t really worried about it because there are so many out there already.

Yes I have a lot of third party sets
there a little time consuming importing tagging setting up instruments
and exporting as midi loops
in other words, packs that are already to go :slight_smile:

I also wonder about this.
I use midi loops through the chord tracks for ideas and inspiration.
So I am looking for packs ready to go as the stock library is not very big.

yes and the Steinberg Midi Loop are not the same thing than Midi files ! but you can save your Midi files as midi loop to work with chord track ! very cool feature ! hope Steinberg gonna make more Midi Loops cause there is no midi loop on the market !

may I ask the difference between a midi loop and file ?

midi loops : Instrument is attached to the files & follow chord track, so it’s more powerful than simple Midi Files! so any midi loop gonna works in your project nicely & as it’s a Midi stuff you can edit them as freely as midi files,so more powerfull than audio files !
I wish Steinberg do more Midi Loops bank in a near futur, but more sophisticated & pro than the sequel one that we have in cubase 7 !

Well, this is not to scientific as I am a cubase noob.
But you can preview a midi loop in media bay trough the chord track(or just preview it in real time).
And that makes it totally awesome and even unique…

A midi file is a midi file as far as I know.

MIDI Loops are kind of similar to a Track Preset, but not only does it save all the information that a Track Preset does (Instrument, Inserts, Strip, EQ, etc…) it also saves your MIDI notes and controller (CC) data too! Plus it can also do more cool things like link playback in Media Bay to your Chord Track! MIDI Loops let you easily reuse instrument patterns you really like in other projects, for example: say you made some epic chords but they don’t quite fit the project you’re working on? Save them as a MIDI Loop to use in a future project! Or, say you created a really cool uplifter effect which you would like to use in future projects but don’t want to save it as an audio file because it might not match your future projects key just save it as a MIDI Loop! You can even create MIDI Loop sessions where you experiment with different melodies/chord progressions, effects, drums, etc… and save the good ones as MIDI Loops to use in future projects.


Are there any more midi loops packs available now?

you got some more with Cubase 7.5

Thx man!

The new EDM toolbox is totally awesome, it makes laying down tracks a total breeze!
Specially when used in combination with the Chordtrack and the FlexPhraser.
Steinberg should definitely make more of these, even us professionals appreciate these time savers :slight_smile:

Agree the EDM toolbox is great !!!
they also gave us sequel’s midi loops for cubase …
I had bought well over 1000 3rd party midi loops imported and tag
with the the right HSSE instrument , took me a year to get were I am
all pianos I used Hard Grand all bass guitars were Electric Bass VX Acoustic Bass VX
Fretless Bass VX Pick Bass VX… The same with the guitars Steel Guitar VX etc
Organs. E Piano. use one organ that I like and one E piano and one clavi
Just to make it more consistence and organize

would love Steinberg to do more midi loop packs as well with flex phrased packs
for the HAlion range