Midi Loops preview versus project playback

In Media Bay…Using the chord track to conform the midi loops to the project.

While previewing midi loops, they play back in key and sound great.
I insert one into the project and it doesn’t sound like it did during preview.
It is still in key but the voicings get changed.

Is there a chord track setting I missed?
Is this a voicing setting? Preference?
Why is the project playback not exactly like the preview?

Different VSTi’s?

Different VSTi’s?

I have no idea what you mean.

Could someone from steinberg let me know what is going on here.
Or if there are indeed known issues with the mediabay preview
when using the chord track button?

Using Nuendo 6.06 + Nek 6
Again… The preview of midi loops via Mediabay,
(using the chord track button in the Mediabay preview section)
The midiloops sound great when previewing,
once inserted into the project they sound different.
Completely different notes are played.
Still in key with the chord track, but different from the preview.

This can’t be how it is supposed to function,
it makes the preview a waste of time, completely useless.
This happens with the VST Sound midi loops and
also with my own original midi loops.

Come on steinberg, what gives here?


Too much free time?