MIDI Map Quick Controls

I’d like to map the quick controls in Halion to the 8 knobs on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard. I know I can right click and MIDI Learn but I was wondering if there’s any benefit to setting up a MIDI template on the keyboard itself instead? If so, how do I figure out what the CC numbers are for the Quick Control knobs? (or any other controll knob in Halion for that matter)

Greetings, I’m not sure which variant of HALion you wish to run, but I have good news. The default CCs for SE, Sonic, and HALion are all the same.
To me it’s worth it to have a preset on my keyboard all set to use these defaults. Especially when using stand alone modes of anything in the HALion family.

Here’s the list as provided in the HALion SE 3 online manual. These were also the same for SE and Sonic 2, and HALion 5.



Send FX 1

Send FX 2

Send FX 3

Send FX 4

Program QC 1

Program QC 2

Program QC 3

Program QC 4

Program QC 5

Program QC 6

Program QC 7

Program QC 8