Midi Map Remote Control Editor


Im trying to midi map a cell on the remote control editor to a knob on the NI Kontrol X1 but for some reason it is not picking it up.

I have learn mode on, on the remote control editor but no joy.

Am I missing something here?


Select the MIDI Input, click Apply. Now enable Learn and turn the HW knob. Now it should work.

Hi, i have the same problem. Same controller (a nord lead synth) is working fine with MIDI. I can assign the knobs with learn function on the GENERIC REMOTE CONTROL device to control anything in Cubase. In the GENERIC REMOTE CONTROL on Devices Menu, I can select the plug in parameter and control it. If I try to do the same using the REMOTE CONTROL on the PLUG IN, it does not work at all.

Hi and welcome,

The Remote Control on the plug-in is used for a few specific hardware devices. Use Generic Remote or Quick Controls for your hardware, please.

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Thank a lot Martin. I just created a new Topic since it may have not been covered. I just send this link. Thanks.