midi mapping controls jumping around

I have a akai mpd226 mapped to a few thing including main stereo out volume, as soon as I load a project then touch a control knob the volume will jumps to what ever position the knob was last left. I think is because these are endless encoder knobs. is there away around this? some way to update the controller knobs when the project loads? or maybe someone could suggest a smaller midi controller with at least 4 knobs that won’t have this issue?



How do you control Cubase’s MixConsole from your AKAI? Do you use Mackie protocol or Generic Remote Device or something else? There is a pick-up mode in the Generic Remote Device, which is designed for this.

I use generic remote , can’t see a pick up mode option though


Focus to the Flags area, described in manual here.
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 09.15.01.png

thanks for the tip Martin!!!