Midi mapping momentary Pattern stop/pause?

I am running GA4 (standalone) in Jam mode together with my Yamaha MOXF6 in MOXF Master Mode. I’ve mapped the bottom two octaves on the keyboard to remotely control Groove Agent while playing chords, etc. on the upper half. I have also been able to midi map the GA Player controls (using other assignable knobs and buttons on the MOXF). Of course, and because I am playing in Jam mode, I am able to stop the Pattern playback by selecting an appropriate Ending pattern. But what I’d like to do is find a way to “stop” or “pause” a pattern momentarily (say, e.g., at a natural breakpoint in a song), and then re-start the pattern (or some other pattern) after a few beats of silence. I have tried successfully to map the “BREAK” button in the GA Player, but the break is not controllable “on the fly” (i.e. when I select the BREAK). Hence, my question:

Has anyone figured out a way to midi map the main “stop” button? I think it can be mapped to a key on my computer, but I want to be able to selectively trigger the “stop” (and then re-start the playback) from the MOXF and with the same hand that is triggering the main pattern pad changes.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Because there is no way to midi-map the STOP button, I have come to the conclusion that a useful workaround here is simply to re-trigger an INTRO pattern (usually the first one) that itself has an initial pause of some sort. I have found that this works if the re-triggering is timed appropriately, as the INTRO pattern automatically follows with one of the VERSE patterns.

does the moxf support mmc? If so, you could set up the transport controls on the moxf.

You can stop all running patterns by using any MIDI controller (e.g. damper pedal CC64).
You can assign this controller on the Options page (Pattern Playback- section)

Hope this helps.

Cubender - thanks very much for the very helpful suggestion, which works great. I should have studied the Manual more carefully!

JMCecil - thanks also for the suggestion; yes, the MOXF does support MMC and I was able to get the Transport control to work, although it is a little tricky to control because the MOXF forces you to be in a “DAW Remote” mode to do so. The best solution for this (for me at least) is using a separate midi controller (I"m using the Launchkey MINI) and then playing the MOXF as normal.

Thanks again to both of you for some excellent advice. I really appreciate the responses.