Midi mapping not transferred to new project

Hi Cubase fans. Trying out cubase 12 on Big Sur.
Created a profile for my Nektar Impact LX88. No problem there. Created mapping files for several instruments, no problem either. When I open a new project however, all the mapping files are present but only one is loaded, when I select the other ones, all the assigned knobs, sliders, and switches say: “missing”
Any thoughts?

“Local” or “Global” is an option for the controllers. I made a mapping for three BCF2000 in series and all the controllers are set to “Global”. Works fine in new projects. But maybe you mean something different.

No that’s what I mean. I tried it both ways same results. I have mapping pages for a Kontakt instrument, a Hammond B3 and Phaseplant.
When I switch project the Kontakt instrument is the only one working the other instruments say missing where the CC value and name of the assigned macro should be.