MIDI mapping ps2 controller cubase

A friend of mine would like to play back sounds by using a ps2 controller. What I thought of is to simply connect it to a DAW and map the keys in order to play back sounds. I already watch a video that shows how to do it in Ableton and a Mac. Problem is that I don’t have ableton and I don’t have a Mac that I can lend him for a month (it’s a art exhibition so he needs to have it placed for a month in a gallery). What I have though is an old think pad and cubase. So here’s the question: does anybody now how to map a ps2 joystick (by that I mean a third-party usb controller that you can connect to a pc) so they cubase recognizes the key as MIDI input?

It would be even cooler if you find a way to move colored parts with your controller.
This way, by placing parts in the arrange window upfront and press play, you could create an actual game!
Like one of those Flappy Bird games :slight_smile: