Midi Messages from Mackie C4

Hope some midi Guru can give me a helping hand with this.

We have a NTP Technology DAD X32 which can be controlled through Eucon and/or a Mackie C4.
Currently we are using an Avid Artist MC Mix to control the input trims of the X32.

As said, you can also control these (input trims and other stuff) through Midi; there is a Mackie C4 preset.
We would like to know which midi messages the Mackie C4 uses for controlling the input trims.
For some reason we are not able to define these, the Midi monitor doesn’t list a single thing when we move the DAD faders.
The idea is to send out these Midi messages (through Quick Controls or Device Panels or …) out of Nuendo.
And by extention having it linked to our Nuage system, so we can get rid of that Mc Mix.


Hi Fredo, It’s probably going to be a combination of commands, like Next Page or Bank up plus one of the rotary knobs.

I don’t have a Mackie C4 but I used this doc http://home.comcast.net/~robbowers11/MCMap.htm to configure a little Korg controller a while back.

That looks exactly what I need.
We could have talked this over at the bar no!?


lol. Yes, but you might not have seen me, since I fell off my stool. Yet still, I want my car keys back.

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Hello Fredo:

Your tool for this matter and for future dudes about MIDI is the freeware MIDI-OX. It shows whatever MIDI information is comunicated from any MIDI device on real time. So you can be watching the MIDI commands sent while you are entering this information into Nuendo.


I wonder how I got home if the zamboni was parked in front of your door!