MIDI messages in cubase 6.5

I know values for Yamaha synth,but dont know where to enter them,so I can have different sound on each MIDI track. MSB=63 LSB=0,1,2… PC=0-127.Installed synth and have its patches in inspector.Also have Tascam US 1800 with MIDI interface integrated but cant use it because sound module is in synth so have to connect amplifier to synth to listen MIDI in real time.I use two amps simultaneously to hear both MIDI and audio at the same time.Any other possibility? I entered cc and program change values in List Editor but no success.There must be easier way,somehow just to select patches by name and have proper sound on desired track.Thanks seniors and new ones.

Midi sysex filter in Preferences is on by default. Any help?

Dont know .I think its just about location for entering cc and pc values as MIDI messages to my synth so to be received by synth.I think in previous versions it was more transparent.I will check Preferences anyway,but not common with sysex.Does it have something to do with MIDI channels?Thanks anyway senior.

Not possible. :confused:

You’re WAY off course. I’d suggest a boat load of research before attempting to use your DAW, your mis-conceptions are staggering.

Whats strange? Just try to instruct my synth to play different MIDI sound on different track.And I am not listening to same MIDI and audio content just use two amplifiers and it works.And I AM new.

What is mis-conception?When I record violin on one track and piano on the other,when I playback I hear two violins or two pianos.So I have to send program change message.All I ask is how to do that.Not big deal for experienced user isnt it?

Hello red:

I have a Yamaha synth, can get a different synth instrument sounding on each Cubase track, and can listen to my audio and MIDI together, so don’t worry, it can be done … AND without program changes needing to be put into each track. Here’s some questions to you to help us get you up and running:

  1. Which synth do you have? Mine is a Motif. First thing with mine is that you CAN’T have a different instrument on each Cubase MIDI track UNTIL you take it out of “Voice” mode, and put it in “Song” mode.

  2. You say you’ve got a patch script loaded up … can you access different voices from the track inspector in Cubase?

  3. If you can record a MIDI track from your synth, then later play it back to hear sounds from your synth, you can skip this, because you’ve got it already. If you can’t do that: do you see MIDI activity In/Out, and Audio activity In/Out in the transport bar on the far right? Also, can you describe how you connected your Cubase to MIDI (I’m not there now, but there needs to be an input and output in (?) Devices>>Device Set Up >> MIDI, or some path like that).

You can sure ask for help here, and we’ll probably be able to help you get it set up, BUT … when I set mine up, I found that the guys at the Motiforum (the forum for my specific synth device) knew the in’s and out’s for the device better, not suprisingly, so it was there that I ultimately got stuff set up (there was a Cubase Motif subforum, Protools Motif subforum, etc., etc.).

Let us know some more details if you like … good luck!

(Oh, and I actually recommend NOT listening to the audio and MIDI together - they won’t be exactly simultaneous until/unless you shift them to match, and so there will be phasing if you listen to both together).

MIDI is data, not sound so it’s impossible to listen to MIDI. The idjit above can’t read so hasn’t a clue, ignore he/ she/ it. You can’t monitor different sounds from the external kit unless you have multiple audio sends from it.

OK alexis,it has to be simple and logical.I have Yamaha s90,no SONG mode just VOICE,PERFORMANCE,and MASTER mode.Installed node structure are just voices from VOICE mode,nothing else,divided into several banks.I can select them by name,not by numbers in bank and program selector,though there is that option.And they sound but just one voice on all tracks I record.MIDI is hooked up corectly:I set in all MIDI,and YAMAHA Tascam 1800 as output.There is option Tascam 1800 but with same result.If you need more informations I am here.In any case you help me,not other way.I appreciate that.(I see only MIDI activity,not audio,is that OK?)

Create two MIDI Tracks, set the MIDI Output routing to whichever MIDI interface you have your Yamaha synth connected to. Then set the first MIDI Track to MIDI Channel 1, and the second MIDI Track to MIDI Channel 2. (There are 16 MIDI Channels per MIDI Port/Output. But not necessarily for your particular synthesizer.) Each track now acts like two independent keyboard players. Edit MIDI Events on MIDI Track 1 to change things for that player, and edit MIDI Events on MIDI Track 2 to change things for that player.

Your synthesizer may support playing on multiple MIDI Channels or it might not.

Another illiterate. The OP wants different patches to play from the external kit AT THE SAME TIME. :unamused:

OK it doesnt work.When I open MIDI device manager it shows me 16 channels,but its preset device and it shouldnt be necessery to create device panels and it is possible that it has something to do with MIDI channels.And I dont want to play at the same time, just to record different sounds on different tracks.So I need help.

You don’t have a clue what you want, do you?

MIDI is data, not audio. Just because you record a track of MIDI doesn’t mean any patch is associated with it. You could trigger external kit or VSTi’s with it. You have to record the audio seperately from the MIDI.

The help you need does not exist here. You need to study all the manuals for all your kit and search around for key words and YouTube tutorials on the net for at least a few months until you have an idea what’s what. A media college course would be ideal if there is one available to you.
Honestly this is basic stuff and though some would love to help I’m afraid you and them would be on a loser because of the sheer volume of things you need to know and the slowness of getting info from a forum.
Do as I advise and you’ll know what to ask and have an idea about the answers.

OK I have got it.I cant playback two midi tracks at the same time from external sound module (synth),right.But i think:its recorded its done,but actually my synth is triggering it,so its impossible. Manual confused me.


OK, red, I think I can tell from the above PDF that the S90 does it by “MIX MODE”. Was the above page something you were looking at before posting here?

Also, took a look at your S90 manual on-line: page 80, “Using the S90 as a Multitimbral Tone Generator (Mixing Edit)”, (“Mixing mode lets you configure the S90 to be a Multitimbral Tone Generator for use with computer-based music software …”) . How far have you gotten with those steps … at first glance it looks like that will do just what you like?

Finally, this site http://www.sninety.com/btm/btm.php , and ESPECIALLY this forum http://www.sninety.com/forums/postlist.php?Cat=1,3&Board=Steinberg will get you going probably quicker than folks here, unless someone here is using an S90. On that Yamaha S90 forum there are a couple of guys that are really great, and super smart, that love to help people: Welly, Frank E (he is also a mod on the SOS forum where you might also find some help), Bad_Mister, and a lot of others. Those guys are the ones who helped me get set up with my Yamaha Motif and Cubase VST (an earlier version, so old it only came in black and white!! :wink: )

FInally, and no insult intended, but just checking that you know that MIDI doesn’t make sounds by itself … it is only commands to ANOTHER machine that makes the sounds?

Finally, post away your questions here as well as that S90 forum if you like … it might be helpful to know how you made out using the instructions above as a start.

P.S. Hang in there. This stuff never gets “easy”, but starting out is the hardest part, and once you get your connections up the way you want, at least you’ll have the positive reinforcement of hearing your music! :smiley:

Thanks -

Also have Tascam US 1800 with MIDI interface integrated but cant use it because sound module is in synth so have to connect amplifier to synth to listen MIDI in real time.I use two amps simultaneously to hear both MIDI and audio at the same time

O.K. Let’s try to clear up this bit first :wink:

  1. Am I right in assuming that you can get Cubase to play your Yamaha (albeit with the wrong sounds)? (if that is so, then at least it seems that you have MIDI connected correctly :wink: )
  2. When you say “listen to MIDI”, do you mean the sound that is coming out of your Yamaha synth?
  3. When you say “audio”, do you mean regular audio tracks recorded/imported into Cubase (or indeed the internal VST Instruments)?
    If “yes” to the above, then if you wish to hear the sounds that come from your Yamaha via the same outputs as the audio from Cubase, then you have to actually feed the audio from your Yamaha back into Cubase.
    There are two ways to do this (and I might have read between the lines, that you are attempting the 2nd one :wink: )…
    a) simply route the audio outputs from your Yamaha into the audio inputs of your Tascam, create an audio track in Cubase, with the Tascam as its inputs, and record/monitor-enable that audio track
    b) (is this what you did?)…Create an “External Instrument” in Cubase, using the MIDI and audio from the Yamaha?
    Even though this seems like it might be the most logical thing to do, it is in fact more complicated to set up/troubleshoot than the method “a”. (especially if you are new to all this :wink: ).

As regards MIDI…
Does everything work as expected if you create a VST Instrument, as opposed to triggering the sounds in your Yamaha?
(If it plays back as intended, but, when you are actually playing from your Yamaha keyboard, you hear also the sound of the Yamaha, then that means you need to find the MIDI Function “Local Off” (… you did mention something about hearing two violins… was that just while you were recording, or also upon playing back? If the former, then yes, you need "Local Off).

See if any of the above gets you a bit further advanced, then we can look at getting your separated sounds afterwards :wink:.

[EDIT] as regards the MIDI, good advice from Alexis :wink: [/EDIT]

Nope, it’s clueless. :wink:

Solved:recorded three different patches on three MIDI tracks and played them back simultaneously.(Using S90 “as multi-timbral tone generator” up to 16 tracks can sound together according to MIDI channels).What I was trying to do is to follow the manual and send MIDI messages from within Cubase,but as opposite, most of settings has to be done in external synth(in my case).If I misunderstood something its that issue is not how Cubase deals with MIDI device,but mostly how S90 works with external computer-based sequencer.All values I mentioned when I posted a topic exist but are to be set up in Yamaha S90.Though MIDI is not sound itself you can work with it and convert it to audio later.Special thanks to Alexis who understood exactly what I wanted,and made effort to help me to move on.Also thanks to all others trying to help me.

Fantastic, red, woo-hoo!

My pleasure to help in any small way, just happy to be able to make a small payment for all the help people gave me when I got started (and still give me now)!

I keep an eye out for what the smart guys write, vic_france (who posted above) being one of the main ones, among others :wink:

Happy tunes! :smiley: