MIDI Mis-routing?

I don’t understand what’s happening. Cubase 11.0.20.

I have two MIDI tracks. Track 1 is set to my Deluge as source, and specifies MIDI channel 1. Track 2 is set to my Deluge as source, and specifies MIDI channel 2.

When I trigger notes on either track on the Deluge, the note goes to -BOTH- Cubase tracks.

Why? I see there’s a MIDI filter, but in my opinion it shouldn’t be necessary when I’ve already said, “Use channel X.”

What is going on with this?


Can you post a screenshot of the Inspectors for the two tracks so we can see the actual configuration


The only reason it says “Missing” before Deluge is because it’s currently in the closet and disconnected. Otherwise, it normally just says Deluge.

Since I’m a ‘new’ user, it’s only letting me post one image per post. I’ll post the second one separately.


Where you are setting the MIDI Channel (circled in red below) does not set the MIDI Channel that a Track responds to, i.e. the MIDI in data. Rather it controls what Channel plays back the MIDI data recorded on that Track.

If you recorded MIDI onto a Track and that included notes on Channels 1, 2 and 3, when you play it back :

  • If the value is set to “Any” those notes will play back on whatever channel each was recorded with
  • If the value is set to “2” then all the notes recorded on channels 1 and 3 will be played back on channel 2

If you want to control which channel(s) a Track is listening to use the Input Transformer (green below)

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Oh, bless your heart for the decent explanation describing the differences. It makes more sense now.

Thank you!!