MIDI missing audio from cymbals only

Hello. I am working on connecting my Roland TD 07 KVX as a MIDI input to Cubase Pro 12 with Drums Against Humanity VST. I am able to see the hits to the drums and hi-hat / cymbals register in the software. I have successful mapped the drums to the corresponding notes in the MIDI Drum Map and can hear them through the computer. But even though the hi-hat / cymbals are also correctly mapped and hits are registering in the software, there is no audio and the VST does not light up as it does when the drum pads are struck. On the electronic drum kit, they have two / three different sounds for them. I have these mapped correctly. But like I said there is no sound on the computer. I do not think the issue is on the Roland’s side because I can hear the snare/toms and all 3 (2 cymbals/ hi-hat) have the same issue that they can’t be heard. I am really new at this and I am really not sure what to check or what I might be doing wrong. I am grateful for any help. Thanks!