Midi mistuned

A weird thing just happened. I wanted to add a few more notes of piano to a midi track. I set Record mode to merge and recorded. But when I play it back, the new notes are transposed down whole step.
The rest of the track, before and after, is still fine.
I did this a few times with the same result.
Also tried closing the app and re-opening it.

Things I checked:
The pitch bend wheel on my controller is working. Not stuck or anything.

Read/write not active.

Looked in the list editor: no weird controller data. Just sustain - cc64.

The notes in question show correctly what I recorded. It’s just the playback that is transposed.

Using windows 10, cubase artist 10.5.

Ideas, anyone?

Just remembered, A while back, I put in a transpose track and transposed the song down by -14. (Can’t imagine why that would work musically, but apparently it did)
The piano midi track that I am having a problem with was recorded before I made the transposition. So maybe it’s stuck in some previous configuration?
I think this is the first time I tried to record anything on that track since the transposition.


Make sure the Audio Devices Sample Taste matches the Project Sample Rate, please. This happens if one is 44.1 and the other 48kHz.

I checked project set up, record file format:

And in studio set up, VST, audio system, HW sample rate:

Is that what I was supposed to check?

A couple of hours later:
I realize now that the midi data itself is not transposed as seen in the midi editor. So when I use “global transpose”, it sounds a step lower, but the piano roll still reads in the original key.
It would appear that the transposed track works the same way. I think this explains the problem I was having.

Next question:
Is there a way to select the entire midi track and transpose all the note data?


If you want to transpose the data even visually, just open the Key Editor, select all notes and use 2 times arrow up or down to transpose.

If you don’t want to transpose or visually, use the MIDI Modifier MIDI Insert or directly the MIDI Modifiers (in the Inspector), please.

Btw, if the Audio Device Sample Rate wouldn’t match the Project Sample Rate, you would see it in the Project window’s Status Line in Cubase.