Midi mixer not available

I want to work only with midi but when I load a midi file and put the audio of every track off, the mixer has no effect on the volume or reverb or chorus to the MIDI channels do nothing.

Good: I load a midi file in a project, put each track (track 1 to channel 1, track 2 to channel 2 etc …) The audio output on every track I put it off. (I just want the internal audio metronome only ). Then I connect my keyboard to the external MIDI port. open the mixer, I put playback, and the faders do nothing.
I do something wrong or can not do this ??

Hi jubemor,

Thanks for your message.
Sorry but I do not understand exactly what you mean by this.

Do you expect the mixer to be used to change volumes of sounds of an external hardware keyboard?
This is technically not possible.


Yes this is posible. In other midi players and midi Studio, there is a mixer that controls volume, mute, solo, reverb and chorus of my external keyboard connected via USB.( sending midi control events)
But Cubasis, you must either edit each track and changing the value of “control 7”. instead the mixer Mute and SOLO buttons work perfectly, but not the volume potentiometer (which only works on audio)
I want to change the midi volumes on the fly, just as with audio tracks
You understand now (sorry my inglish is poor)

Please note that Cubasis offers MIDI CC support, more details and a list of supported parameters to be found in the automation chapter in the in-app help.

In the market, there are hundreds of programs that make the mixer handle the volumes, panoramic, etc … of midi tracs.
Products with far less history than Cubase (Examples: Cakewalk Sonar, Protools, Symphonix evolution, Midi Player, GoPlay, Sweet MIDI, Audacity, Anvil Studio, etc …).
Do not tell me, that it is technically impossible when other programs do perfectly.
I’m using Cakewalk Sonar (and some older version of Cubase, in the past). And both manage audio and MIDI channels at the same time, perfectly.
Why Cubasis mixer can’t handle the volume of midi tracks, without requiring access to the CC 7 individual data of each track ??
What parameter I need set up?

This is my question:
Why Cubasis mixer, can’t select a MIDI output, and lets you select audio outputs only ??

In the Cubasis help, Mixer section, there is a part that says:
Output Display. ([-> 1/2)
MIDI and audio tracks can be up to 24 individually Assigned outputs (12 stereo pairs) Simultaneously…etc…

How I can to assign the midi output at the little window in upper left corner of trac mixer ([-> 1/2)??

Another question. Why, when I mute a trac, midi notes are dreaming hooked?

Thanks newly.