MIDI Modifer does'nt initialize on activate Inst track

I’m using the disable / enable instrument track feature a lot. The problem is when I re-activate a disabled track, the midi modifier values I have set before are correct but they are not effective until I touch a parameter. This is obvious with “Transpose” feature.


Steps to reproduce

  • Modify the “Transpose” value on an instrument track
  • Disable the instrument track
  • Save & Quit the project
  • Re-open the project
  • Enable the instrument tracks
  • The MIDI modifier values should be identical, but the module is not effective until one of his parameters is touched

Reproduced in 9.0.20

Reported, ref. CAN-8797.

@maximeferrieu: are you also on 9.0.20? Which OS? (reported for Win 10 ATM, I’d guess it’s the same on any, but it’s a needed info nonetheless).

Thank you!

Cubase Pro 9.0.20 on Windows 10

Nothing to add to the report, then, thank you!