Midi modifier automation bug?

Hi all

There seems to be a bug in the Midi modifier Range area.
I try to automate the min and max values for the Note filter but the absolute min and max values keep changing. Sometimes I can’t set the min lower than D#3 and other times it’s E3 and then suddenly the max won’t go past G#4, stuff like that…

Anyone can confirm this as a bug? I’ll write in more detail later as I’m heading out in a couple of minutes. I just wanted to know if this is a known bug or what?

Does anyone know about a free vst that can do the same things? I’m in a bit of a hurry and I can’t wait for a bug fix.


which Cubase version ?
Which operating system ?
What kind of setup ?



Nevermind. The problem only exists on one of my channels so I guess I must have done something wrong somewhere. :blush:

Cubase 6.03
Vista 32 bit

Not sure what you meen by “setup”. I have created a instrument track connected with a freeware sampler (CyberFREE) and it is this sampler I’m trying to control by automating the midi modifiers. At some points on the timeline I’m using eg. the bottom notes up to A2 on a another vsti triggered by the same midi-keyboard, so I would like to filter these bottom notes out of CyberFREE. Later on the timeline it’s another set of keys I’m using…

I found a workaround. I’m just using 6 instances og CyberFREE running different sampleprograms on 6 different channels. This way I can mute the samples which are placed on the keys I’m using on the other vsti. Not a pretty solution but it works.