MIDI Modifier glitch (Cubase 8.0.2)*Solved*

I have a Cubase 8.03 project that i have opened on Cubase 8.0.2 (after windows 10 destroyed my orignal OS, I reverted to a backup OS of Windows 7)

This project was using MIDI modifiers on VST Instrument tracks (IE transpose an octave above or below). Recently I opened the project on a new system and the midi playback included some incorrect playback (ex. basses were in natural pitch, but the cellos which were using the MIDI modifier played incorrect notes, a half or whole step off). It makes no sense. Some notes are correct and others are off by half or whole step. Removing the MIDI modifier solves this.

Sorry that I dont have any magic answer for this, but I swear it happened on several different tracks in this project. I had to finally disable the modifiers and transpose everything manually. Unfortunately I can never use the midi modifiers again, knowing that it can go completely bonkers…

This glitch is present in Cubase 8.5.

Track = Bass. Sending F# or a G (via midi controller or a piano roll playback) results in an F#, as reflected by the PLAY GUI. I was able to cause this on Prologue as well.

edit Apparently the scale got set to Locrian somehow, and that is was causing this.