MIDI modifier save preset?

Does anyone know if its possible to save presets of MIDI modifiers ?

I have a slightly strange use case I’m trying to deal with…

  • My AKAI MPK49 has one key ( B3 when its set to OCT + 0 ) which produces louder midi velocity than all the others. This makes me :cry: I have attached a pic of a recording of midi notes, I was playing at similar velocity for all notes. That one key is clearly louder.

  • I am solving this problem a bit by applying a midi modifier velocity limit of 100. It helps a bit as I very rarely need to go beyond velocity 100 anyway.

  • But I have to manually do this on every single instrument and midi track! This is tough…

Anyone got any ideas?
I’m probably just going to get a new keyboard… the pads on this MPK arent that great and the octave up down buttons dont work sometimes :frowning:
Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.16.45.png

I’m afraid, this is not possible. But you can save this as your Track Preset.