MIDI modifiers modification request

hi ppl! :slight_smile:

In the Inspector there is a MIDI modifier which is great, simple and extremely useful.
It would be even better if it was slightly modified in either of two ways.

I’d like the transpose function to be able to jump in octaves if you hold down shift or alt
I’d like to have a separate input field where you step up +12 or down -12

I can’t remember the last time I transposed a track to something other than octaves via the MIDI modifiers. I guess I’m not alone in this experience?


Double-click the Transpose field and type either 12 or -12. Done.

Nope. That’s even worse.
I’d like to have a Key Command for this or something so I just don’t get out of the zone for changing the octave. No workarounds. Just BOOM! :smiley:

Two more little triangle arrows ey? one with a +12 next to it, and another with a -12?
I get it, but there are so many lexics out there who don’t get that switching from music to text causes anti creative frustration.

If a key command would be okay, and you do this enough, a Kensington mouse with programmable buttons might be handy, left click… left click, to get in the field, other A click to paste +12, or click other B button to paste -12. Just a thought.

no! no more workarounds or gadgets, thank you very much haha! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

I want one input field/ spin box with octave jumps to the left and half note jumps to the right, or vice versa.
I want this connected to key commands.
I want the score editor to have the treble and bass clef mini dialog connected to key commands.
I want the score editor and the other editors to have MIDI modifiers in their inspectors.
I don’t want fries with that, nor workarounds and most certainly not a mint bisquit for mr Creosote!

It would be a breeze to have everything displayed like you want it so you want it to, whether you know it or not!


Interesting list… and now for something completely different… no need for Def Con 1, maybe it will eat itself.

Did I miss a reference? Type “+12” if you agree, or “-1” to bring it down a notch.

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I would like to understand your workflow… Why do you prefer MIDI Modifiers over editing directly the MIDI data? I mean making Logical Editor Presets for example and then assign a Key Command to the preset(s).


If you have several midi input devices, with fixed Note assignments, and no way to modify the octaves in the controller, then you use the MIDI modifier to get the notes to the desired octave as you play. So I get that, but, I guess I am so use to just clicking 12 times, I mean, one e and a two e and a three e and a, done.

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The Logical Editor moves the notes while the MIDI modifiers leaves the notes alone and just transposes the output of the track.


Yes, that’s my point. Why do you want to keep the original notes, please?

Yeah, I’m used to clicking 12 times as well or typing +/-24 or 36 but now I’ve forced myself to use the score editor lately for various reason (and I’m making progress!!!)but I’m basically a guitarist who knows how notes on paper work but I’m an atrocious sightreader on a good day. Ledger lines are scary stuff !!! If I can help it I’d like to keep the notes on the lines as long as possible and change the output instead. Sooo … lately it’s been a lot of clicking … :scream: :rofl:

I’d imagine they want to keep the notes in the correct position on the score, but the instrument to play them higher? I don’t do score editing, but that’s the impression I get reading this.

Although, can’t you modify those scores so that they play in higher ranges based on the instrument types? That was my very small understanding of score work.

It would be nice to have an octave up/down box on the modifiers, but like most people I’m used to double clicking and typing. For me, that’s always quickest - I do the same with fader values.

Yeah, having a high pitched whistle synth on ledger lines is kind of pointless? Or a rumbling ostinato that’s more felt than heard.
I’m also used to click but I’m as well used to creating macros and changing key commands to avoid clicking and typing in the middle of trying to create a little song. So when I find something that just takes up enough time compared to all the other things I’ve already changed I notice it and I want to make a feature request. I don’t see the point with “not a problem to me → not a problem to you” posts.


If it’s the scoring question, you can change the Display Transpose in the Score Settings > Staff > Main.


But what if you want to play* a transposed part on the keyboard as it is written? Say an alto saxophone, play the notes as you see them on the Eb part. (Just wondering if there is a method for that.)

*Play the tranposed part and have it recorded at concert pitch, so that you can apply the transposition change in the Score Editor.


Then you can use the MIDI Input Transformer or MIDI Insert effect and enable the Record Output to Track option.