Midi Modulation track vanishing :(

Trying to record a Modulation track in cubase 7. As its recording and i move the mod wheel on my keyboard, i can see the data going in but as soon as i click stop, the whole recorded part disappears! what am i doing wrong?


How exactly are you;

Cheers for ya time :slight_smile:
As i would a standard midi track. So i have a midi track with note information which is playing a loop from kontakt. then a second midi track just purely for the modulation wheel controlling the loop length within kontakt. I select the midi track, press record on the transport panel and off we go. I see the part being created as normal and as i’m playing, i can see the midi data being recorded but as soon as i finish and press stop, the part vanishes. No problem recording midi notes… just the modulation data which i wanted on a separate track. no problem doing this with previous version.