midi monitor and cubase

hope someone can help

does anyone know if the midi monitor plug in that comes with Cubase 10 pro and artist can be used to
monitor the streat of data from 3rd party plugins (such as those made by UAD)

As when i look in the automation list, all i see is the actual use that the data relates to rather than any midi cc info
the midi cc data is essential for creating control surfaces or for adapting some of the existing ones
which do not have a learn feature


I don’t know the UAD MIDI plug-ins, you are referring to (are you sure, UAD makes a MIDI plug-ins)? In general, the MIDI Monitor shows all MIDI data coming thru the track. If there is any MIDI Insert plug-in before the MIDI Monitor, the MIDI Monitor displays the MIDI data after these plug-ins (so really, at the point of input to the MIDI Monitor).