Midi monitor basic features

The midi monitor is almost useless for me because my “keyboard” is constantly sending data. if I want to see any other event, it immediately slides up because data is constantly coming.

You can’t stop the measuring process, you can’t scroll up and stand still. You can’t filter data either… totally useless to me.

Sorry. That is most probably “Active Sensing” (0xfe), haven’t seen those in quite a while anymore. We already filter continuous messages like MTC and Midi Clock, but Active Sensing was missing, fixed with the next update.

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Yes, quite possible, but it’s also CC11 as soon as I hold the instrument in my hand.
It would be better if the user can filter things optionally.
Or - just as important - can interrupt the monitoring.
Clearing the screen would also help.

The built-in Midi Monitor is a simple tool for quick observation, if you need more sophisticated monitoring, there are plenty such tools available. Nevertheless, with the next version comes filtering of active sensing, and you can clear content with double-click.