Midi Monitor useless with Sysex-messages

The Midi-Monitor window is a fixed window, that does not allow to make it wider, only longer. Therefore, if Sysex-messages are received, they can not be fully displayed in the comment column of the Midi Monitor. You will only see the start of the Sysex-message. There is no way, to see the full Sysex-message. Please change/fix this, so that we do not need to use 3rd party software, just to see what kind of Sysex was send.


You can at least export it to TXT file.

Do i really need to answer this?
Ok it is kind of a solution, but involves a lot work, just to “see” the whole Sysex. Exactly those kind of solutions, that makes a workflow a real pain.
It would be way easier, to make the window of the monitor wide enough to read a full Sysex.
For me this kind of solutions are unacceptable. With a little brain while designing fancy looks, this would not be a issue like it is now.

[CTRL] + scrollwheel ??

Sadly even that, does not help in this case. It will be shorted, with something like this “F00000032…”.

Capture (record) the sysex and perhaps use the List Editor?

SYSEX can be arbitrary long. It is pointless to have them in a monitor that does not know that it contains. It shows the part that contain manufacture identification. That is enough, but it would of course be good if they also printed out the manufacture name. To be real useful they could have a plugin interface for SYSEX parsers that the manufacture could put in their interoperation of their binary blobs.

Sysex does way more, then what you might think it does. For example all parameters on a Roland JD-800 or JD-990 are Sysex. Not only manufacturer name. Where did you read that nonsense? Also why it is pointless having that in a midi-monitor, explain? If it useless, why it is even there in first place?

@MrSoundman: the issue is with the midi-monitor, not how to handle it with some list-editor.

Yes, I did read the title of your post; I was suggesting that perhaps the MIDI Monitor is not the best tool for whatever it is you are trying to achieve, which, by the way, you have not described in any great detail. Are you familiar with the List Editor? It’s not just “some list-editor”, it’s the primary tool for handling sysex in Cubase.

Sorry for the late reply, but i got a ban from the admin, for exactly this topic, because i have insulted people and i did not understand people here. LMAO.
BTT: I am not so familiar with the List Editor. What you suggest, would be useful (for me) to do sysex-dumps, initial handshaking and stuff like that.
It is nice from you and Martin, that you provide “solutions”, but that does not change the topic. The midi-monitor will still have this issue, if you know what i mean. A midi-monitor should monitoring incoming midi-messages and in case of sysex it is useless. You would not suggest someone to enter the midi-editor to see for the notes that are incoming, if he can not see the whole note in the midi-monitor, do you? I hope i was clear enough.

Why is this even a problem for you all? Make the window wider and the problem is not only gone, you even make the midi-monitor better. It is changing a single number for the coordinates of a window. You know, like making something better or at least worth and not making the simplest things complicated. I do not want to export logs or enter List Editors for monitoring incoming midi, that is ridiculous to expect that from users. Not even as a temporarily solution, at least not for me.

OK then!


Here we are in the “Issues” section of the forum. Therefore I try to provide a solution.

I totally agree with you, resizing of the window would be great for this scenario. Please make an entry to the Feature Request part of the forum.

Please, why i am bullied here everytime? What did i wrong? Post it there, not here. Do not do this, do that. Do not insult people. etc.

It is a issue, no matter how you look at it. A feature request, would be like you want some “new” function or feature. I just wanted to mention, that the midi-monitor has this issue with sysex-messages, because you can not make the window wider. The midi-monitor lose his purpose, if a user can not see incoming midi-messages or the only option is to export a log-file. I am sorry to say it, but for me that is not a solution. I rather stay with 3rd party products, then to rely on this.