MIDI Mono / Stereo

I’ve got a MIDI track playing in Mono.
Is there a way to have this playing in stereo ? Nothing i can find does this.
To work round i’ve created another instrument track and used that.
I am using Halion Sonic SE3.

MIDI is purely a set of instructions and not audio, it handles things such as note on, note off, note number, pitch bend, modulation etc etc…
so it cannot be mono or stereo…
In order to ‘hear any sound from midi’ one has to connect the midi track to some kind of midi ‘sound source’ such as a VSTi, hardware synth, drum machine/software etc which you are already doing and it is THAT which is mono or stereo (or any number of outputs depending on the device you are using)…
You’ve essentially answered your own question… hope that makes it a little clearer for you, this is something that crops up quite frequently so you’re not on your own.

Thanks matjones,
Strange that i’ve never had this before.