midi (no instruments) to audio

hi, i use Cubase 7 and i’ve imported a file from a guitar pro tab converted to midi, it works but i would like to convert it to an audio file to process it, and i cannot use a vst instruments track because with midi i use microsoft gs wavetable synth and i can’t select that with midi file and i don’t have vst instruments that can reproduce a guitar suound, so i would like to know if there’s a way to convert midi to audio thanks.

You say you use the gs wavetable synth?

Just use that. If your audio interface or soundcard doesn’t have a loopback option then you can do it manually.

Two cables output to input, recording track monitor button OFF.

So you’re going to record the sound of your computer onto a track in cubase.

You setup cubase and start recording then go over and play the midi file on your gs.