Midi noise

the sustain pedal connected to my midi keyboard creates a noise when depressed. It is recorded in Cubase

Could you give us a bit more info please , like your OS ,Interfaces , keyboard , pedal ect ect

In addition to the questions by @FilterFreq:

What midi events are being recorded in the Cubase track? i.e. what CC number?

Are you using a fancy piano plugin with pedal sounds having been sampled?

Is the pedal one of those that actually sends midi continuous controller values, depending on how far it’s down rather than just 0 and 127?

Let me start by saying I’m really new at this. My keyboard is a Yamaha S80 (1998?) with a Yamaha sustain pedal. My audio interface is a Steinberg UR-RT2. Using macOS Catalina on a MacBook Pro (16 inch 2019). I noticed the sound when I started using TheGrand3. When the pedal is depressed a distant sounding piano note(s) is produced and the sound shows up on playback. As I said, my knowledge of midi is quite limited, but I’m pretty good at following step by step directions if there’s a fix for this. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Are you sure it is not the normal Damper Pedal noise?

Video with the noise in question at the current time here:

That’s exactly what it was and thank you. When I said I was a beginner I was probably exaggerating my abilities! :laughing:
Sounds great now.

Pleasure :slight_smile:
Well I kinda knew cause my Workstation has such piano simulation as well so I figured out could have been something similar.
Glad it helped!