Midi not being played back properly

This started happening as soon as I updated to C6.05. Recently went to C6.06, and the problem still persists.

I have midi data on a midi track, going out to Halion Sonic Se. I wrote the midi notes via keyboard, quantized, and was done, a simple bassline. The midi played back with no problems, and sounded great. After the 6.05 update, it seems only about 50% of the midi notes are now being played back.

Example, the bassline is played at constant Eighth Notes, that begin and end right up against each other. Now only random notes are coming through, and the rest are not. This IS random, as I’ve tried re-writing the midi data, or pulling the note back slightly. It randomly picks and chooses the notes to play.

Any suggestions for this? Worked fine until 6.05. My Cubase 4 midi instruments are working properly, without any trouble, fyi.


Nobody else has had this happen?!?!?

Its driving me nuts!

Sorry for the bump,

If anyone else is having this problem I’d love to hear about it. Since upgrading to 6.07, the MIDI playback is still dropping random notes. See my first post.

Also, as of my 6.07 upgrade, any MIDI I record seems to end up nearly a full 16th note early in the MIDI editor. I had a midi stacking problem previous, but when that was sorted out all midi was monitoring, recording, and playing back exactly the way is expected.

Any help would be great!