MIDI Not Being Received in Nuendo 5.5.5

I’ve been using Nuendo since v4 - recently added a new keyboard controller. Since adding the new controller, I’ve not been able to record an instrument track with any of my controllers (even though they all show as available MIDI Input devices in the Inspector). According to the Windows 7 Device Manager, all of my MIDI device drivers are present, up-to-date, and working properly. (I even re-installed the new driver, just in case.) No MIDI is now being shown as received in the Transport or instrument panels. “Midi Through Active” is active. I’m stumped - any help would be appreciated. Thank you

I would say start simple.
Connect 1 controller and 1 midi cable…etc.
Might help to have more info too, like the brand and model of your midi interface.

Try to connect one-by-one. Check your MIDI Setup table, and check, you are not using these MIDI devices in any Remote Control devices, like Generic Remote, etc.

Well, I’m not sure what happened to correct the problem, but yesterday afternoon - out of the blue - projects started receiving/recognizing MIDI coming in from all of my controllers. I wish I could say that I discovered the solution, but no - it just started working again … and for that I am grateful. Now I can get back to fully utilizing the best recording software on the planet. Thanks to those who checked in.