MIDI not being recognised midi keyboard


Hey there good people,I would really appreciate some advice,help,etc.
I have recently moved my studio set up which was working perfectly for quite some time now,upon plugging in my Korg MS2000 in to my UR242 Audio interface as usual i was totally flummoxed and could not work out how or why my keyboard would not trigger and sound in cubase,logic reason or any other DAW for that matter that i would use for music production.

I’m currently using OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 on a mac pro,I’ve downloaded the ur242 drivers installed and reinstalled them,I’ve reinstalled my operating system,gone into my audio midi setup in utilities on my mac and all midi settings in cubase logic reason etc but nothing is working ,I’ve tried different midi cables no change the DAWS show no IN and NO out,so no midid signal is being sent what so ever,I’ve been at this for blinking hours now,even one of my friends has tried to resolve this issue but nothing has worked,i have even sent a support ticket through my steinburg,so i’m currently waiting to see what they say,in the mean time I’m still trying to fix this problem and though i would ask you guys for some advice,so please if anyone knows what could be the problem can you respond to my post,many thanks from Stuart.

Take a pic of your AMS and post it. You can use the Grab App in Go/Utilities. IF the midi for the UR242 is not there, you have no midi.

  1. Make SURE you have the correct drivers for the UR242 running under YOSEMITE there.
  2. If ANY midi is not showing up in the AMS, it is not showing up anywhere in any DAW.
  3. Make sure you are IN FACT coming from the KORG MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN on the UR242
  4. Do you have another device you can hook up and run midi out to your interface midi in? Rule out the Korg. Check the Global MIDI channel on the Korg as well

**Since you changed the midi cables, Logic would say the Korg or the UR242 are the issue.