MIDI Not Playing Any longer Correctly

I am using Cubase Pro 10 on iMac running 10.13 and have a project that I’ve been building for the last 2 weeks with audio and midi events. Today I “split” a midi event and used my Akai MPDK to physically fade out the last portion of the event using the “write” function in Cubase. However now it is only playing the last portion of the event, it also got further buggie by some times playing the initial portion but after the two events it no longer plays any data. I have duplicated the track and tried “reverting” and nothing seems to work exact. Duplicate looses the original settings, revert doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve turned off and on as well. Please help


What MIDI CC did you use for the Fade Out, please (7 or 11)? Make sure, you set this MIDI CC as init value at the beginning of the track. Most probably, the last value, you sent, was 0. So now, the MIDI CC is at value 0, so you don’t hear anything. You have to send any reasonable value.

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To be honest I am sure I used 7 but then have been fidleing with all of them (as my mapping of the Akai49 is likely not correct, that is another issue it seems there is not a way to separate “knobs” from “faders” through the “Cubase” preset of the Akai, so Ive been looking at you tube videos but none are specific to the MPK49)


You can see it in the Key Editor, which MIDI CC has been written.

In any case, you have to set the reasonable value of the MIDI CC at the beginning of the project.