MIDI not recording from MODX

I’m creating a multi-track project in Cubase 10 Artist using my MODX8 using a MODX Performance with four separate parts set up. I want to record the parts as separate instrument tracks in Cubase, but for some reason, it would only record the piano part in Track 1 - if I try to record Track 2-4, Cubase won’t pick up any MIDI data. I’ve indicated some of my settings below…I’m just a baby to all of this, so let me know what other information I need to give to help figure out an answer. I’m stumped - I had this all working four months ago in Cubase 9 AI, but I fear the winter may have rotted my brain! :laughing:

In the MODX:
Init Performance with Parts 1-4 running on Channels 1-4 respectively
MIDI Rec on DAW selected - running MIDI In/Out through USB, No sound whatsoever if Local Control is turned off. Sound, but no recording if it is turned on.

In Cubase:
Using Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
Input Routing: All MIDI Inputs
Output: MODX-1
Channel: Corresponding Part Channel (i.e. Piano: Channel 1, Strings: Channel 2, etc.)
I can see MIDI Activity happening in the lower right corner but nothing records.

What other information would be helpful? Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

My expectation is, all MIDI data are recorded, but all of them are recorded to 1 Track only (on different MIDI Channels). Once the data is recorded, select the MIDI Part and choose MIDI > Dissolve MIDI Parts from the menu. In the window, select Separate Channels. 3 new MIDI Tracks will be created. Every single track will contain data of the single MIDI Channel only.

Thanks Martin! Happy to be here! :slight_smile: I actually figured out it was a silly oversight…I had the Input Transformer set incorrectly. Doh! I must have bumped it and some point and not even realized. I appreciate your quick response!