Midi not working? Cubase 8 vs. 7.5

I see midi activity when I hit a keys on my midi keyboard, but it does not seem to trigger the VST instrument that is open on the midi track. The track is active with the little red button. In from all midi channels.

It worked just fine in 7.5.

I see the midi activity when I hit my Axiom 61 in the Cubase transport bar. I know the soundcard (Alesis Mastercontrol) is working because I hear the VST if I play the vst directly with the mouse.

What am I missing?


If you see the activity but dont hear anything - here is a workaround.

Try pressing the solo-button twice, and then the mute button twice. This solves it for me - and looks like an error with the mute/solo buttons I posted about for an earlier version.

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