Midi Not Writing Notes from Yamaha Keyboard

Hello. I am at my wit’s end. I bought an Inno USB Midi Cable offline with two 5-pin connectors (in/out) and a USB connector to plug my Yamaha PSR-E313 piano into my computer. It’s connected and both the red light to indicate power and the flashing blue light to indicate midi connectivity are on. I have to use a converter cable since I’m on a Macbook Pro from 2021.

I’m using Cubase Elements 13. When I look at the Studio Setup > Midi Port Setup, everything looks correct. It’s registering my USB Midi Device, and it has “In ‘All Midi Inputs’” flagged automatically.

Then, I add an Instrument track with Halion Sonic 7, add an instrument to Channel 1, and check the Inspector. It also seems correct, with input routing from the Midi USB Interface device. Channel 1 is set as output.

I have my Yamaha set to PC Mode 2, like the manual describes. And yet, nothing happens when I press the keys. I don’t even see activity on the Faders. Please, any help at all would be appreciated.

In the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup panel, click on the relevent Monitor column for your MIDI port. Are there any MIDI messages coming in the Input Monitor window ?

EDIT - Playing few notes, you should get something like this :

Currently it looks like this.

I did manage to get it to show a running stream of events at one point during my troubleshooting, but I think it was just the clock. I didn’t get a screenshot and I don’t know how to replicate the conditions of it.

Are cables correctly connected, in to out, out to in?

Yes, cables are connected as you described. I triple-checked.

I am ordering another cable from Sweetwater, to see if that’ll fix the issue. I’m hoping it is just a problem with the cable, and not the keyboard or the DAW.