Midi notation

I can’t write notes with the usb midi keyboard!


I think you need to provide a little bit more information. Are you saying that Dorico doesn’t recognise your keyboard?

What keyboard is it? What OS are you using? Does the keyboard work in other applications? Which version of Dorico?

In app Preferences, is the keyboard listed and checked in Play > MIDI Devices?

What do you do; what happens when you do it; and what doesn’t happen that you expected to happen?

I’ll also add to be sure your midi keyboard is turned on and works in other apps prior to opening Dorico.

Perhaps this?


I have checked connections and Dorico has recognized usb midi. I have a Casio privia px120. The PC is Surface, Windows 10. This has worked perfectly in the past. When I play, I don’t get the sound out on the PC, only straight from the piano. I have updated drivers and Dorico 3.5, but this has not helped either.

Can you create a Diagnostic Report and post it here?
As far as posting rights:

Problem solved! My midi connection was wrong.

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