MIDI note copy caused panning left issue

Groove Agent 4.2 with Fresh Air drum kit all of a sudden panned hard left and stays. Non of the panning option shows how and where but the drum kit automatically panned left. On the mixing page of the loaded drum kit on the Agent tab shows on the meter that it is seems to be stereo!!!

However on the Kit Mixer tab shows on the meter that it is panned left BUT it’s pan position is still set on centre. If I check one of the insert effect still it seems to be a stereo signal as the opened/edit effect panel shows but I can hear that it is panned left and there is no signal at all on the left side.

On the Master tab also shows on its meter that it is panned left.

The last thing I did when it’s happened I copied a MIDI note in Cubase Pro 8.05 on a track of an instance of Groove Agent 4.2