Midi note entry toggle

In a future release, please consider adding a method that enables/disables midi note entry but allows the midi sounds to continue to flow through. In the same manner as the “Use Midi Device For Input” toggle in Finale or the “Arm Track for Record” toggle in a DAW.
In this way, a user could toggle off midi input and “freeze everything” for exploratory playing on the midi keyboard, but then toggle it back on and return exactly to the same location. I am currently (mis)using Shift-N toggle between input and edit for this purpose but the cursor gets moved around in the process.
Cheers - Walt

Hitting ESC will make the caret disappear and allow you to continue to play MIDI through without adding notes.

When in note input, hitting ESC is the same as Shift-N; it switches to edit mode. But when returning to note input (Shift-N) the cursor has moved to a different location. The toggle I’m requesting is for a different purpose, similar to the examples of the “Use Midi Device For Input” toggle in Finale or the “Arm Track for Record” toggle in a DAW like Cubase or Sonar.

  • Walt

May I rephrase this as a request for bug fix? Why doesn’t the cursor return to the same position when you toggle (Sft-N) between input and edit and back again? Correcting that would accomplish the same result.

If Dorico offers multi-staff input at a later date, I’ll revisit my original request.

It’s not a bug fix, Walt, because the program isn’t designed to show the caret in the last remembered location if you type Shift+N without there being a selection. That’s also a feature request. Not a bad one, necessarily, but still a feature request.

Thanks Daniel
To make sure we’re on the same page - my issue is with the caret moving when the Shift-N is used twice: going from input to edit and back, or vice versa. The idea is that if you return to a mode, the program hasn’t changed your location randomly. To call that a design feature is a hard sell.

  • Walt

If you happen to position the caret in the middle of an existing note, and that note is still selected when you type Shift+N, the caret will be positioned at the start of the note. That is indeed the designed behaviour.

Yes I see your point, and the logic. For my purposes I need a way to return to the location I left off (for example in input), regardless of what my last selection was in editing. So I admit that’s a request for a new feature, not a bug.

  • Walt