Midi note "F2" sticking on Cubase 7.5

Hi - I’ve just installed 7.5 (PC) and find that when I play F2 on my midi keyboard the note sticks or holds.

It’s not a faulty key (although that best describes the problem) as it works fine when I transpose the keyboard.

I don’t think I’ve modified any settings as I’ve only just installed the program and updated to 7.5.10

Hope somebody can help!


Weird, and if you transpose the keyboard it’s the key that now plays F2 that sticks?
Check generic remote, there might be some assignment to that key for some reason.

Thanks - that did occur to me but I’ve checked that and can’t see anything unusual.

I switched keyboards also in case it was a setting on my Samson Graphite 25 but still the same problem.

Also if I click on the F2 key in a plugin GUI it doesn’t happen either!

(Not having this problem in Cubase 5)

Solved! (I think…) I’ve set all remote devices to “Not connected” and so far, so good.