Midi Note input doesn't work after a while

Hey there,

I’m using Dorico Pro 3. When writing in Dorico the midi note input doesn’t work after a while. You can still hear the sound, but the input function doesn’t work anymore.It happens very often and I have to start Dorico again.
It’s not a massive problem but it’s very annoying to start the program every 5 minutes to make the midi note input work again. Do you have any idea what causes this or how I can avoid this?


This has been discussed at length a few times here and the team has promised a patch in the next update that solves the problem.

If you still have Dorico 2, use it for inputting notes while you wait for the 3 update. A pain but way more progress.

Thanks for your answers. I have Dorico 3, so I will wait for the next update…