midi note input !!!!!!!!!!

Somebody please help. i am new to cubase.

i can not get my midi keyboard to enter midi notes into a midi track within cubase. i read the manual and researched the web. still not working. when i load cubase a error shows saying i dont have a sound card that enables the ability to record sound. since midi notes are not sound , this should have no effect on entering midi notes. thats the only thing that i can see in the manual thats different or that i dont have. i am also wondering if i have to enter them thru a midi cable , thru an interface , and then into my computer. i am trying to enter them thru usb.

i have a ASUS essentio series computer ,with windows 7 and a pentium processor. i have a m-audio axiom 25 midi keyboard.

i also tried to use the qwerty keyboard to enter midi notes using “quickeys” software. that was pretty much a waste of time. i cant get that to work either.

Which version of Cubase?

sorry… cubase le4 with the newest upgrade downloaded from the steinberg website.

Why aren’t you posting in that forum?

what forum should i be in ! i thought this was the right one

The one that says LE4 on it !


this forum is not user friendly. i tried to enter the info in the correct forum , but there is no button to click that says start new thread. is there a secret button somewhere i dont see?

Did you register the software at MySyeinberg? Did you enter the forum through the portal there if so?

i registered at my steinberg. then went to the forums. then i started this thread. for some reason i cant start one anywhere else. i am signed in.
i got the m-audio axiom 25 midi keyboard to make sounds with in cubase. it plays some drum sounds along with keyboard sounds using the keys. i cant get the drum pads to make noise or assign them. they register when i tap them, but no sound.i have the vst set correctly. im using ezdrummer. i searched on m audio’s web site, got all available devices and downloads for cubase. i searched for a manual for this keyboard , all the links are wrong. i watched every video on youtube involving cubase and axiom 25 keyboards. no help. isnt there a program or something that u can manually enter the drum pad and assign it visually . this is an impossible task to make this stuff work.

again i have cubase le4 version 4.1.3, windows 7 64 bit, m audio axiom 25 midi keyboard.

any help would be appreciated

Please contact Steinberg support, if you have problems on posting to appropriate forum.

If the pad hits on the axiom register in Cubase, but don’t make any sound, you may need to change the mapping of the midi notes in Cubase. The default drum map has the drums down around C1 in the midi scale, so you’'l need to find out what the pads create in the midi event editor, and change the drum map to suit. The Cubase manual will tell you how to do this.