Midi note length and Polyrhythm (Ableton Live like)

Hey guys,

I would like to select a bunch of MIDI notes and drag them together to fit in a certain number of bars to make polyrhythms as you can do in Ableton Live in just 2 clicks.
See here from 05:46 to 06:17: Polyrhythms and Polymeters – NEVER make a boring loop again! - YouTube

Can you just do the same in Cubase?

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You can accomplish much the same by using the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool.

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How so??
I tried to fit 7 quarter notes into 2 bars but I just manage to strecht all the notes the double the size, with all of the notes overlapping to the next one ??

What have I missed?

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It doesn’t work in the Key Editor and it also doesn’t work as streamlined as in Live.
Referring to your example in the screenshot:

  • set the right part boundary to (end of 7th note if it is supposed to be a quarter note)
    In my example it is actually position

  • in the project view use the time stretch tool to stretch it
    I stretch it to the length of one measure; that is the same that was done in the video you referred to

The result looks like this:

However: In Cubase you need to have the data to be changed in their own MIDI part, as all data inside that part will be stretched. Makes it more cumbersome than the process in Live.

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Indeed, the process is more cumbersome than in Live (I am used to it with Cubase…) but at least it works.

Thanks Johnny for your time!

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