Midi Note Length

Option to automatically change the note length of new midi notes to the same as the last note entered. So if note length is currently at 1/16, then you enter a 1/16 and drag it to 1/8 the length will change automatically so that all future notes entered will be 1/8. This is nice quick time saver. Again, this would be option to enable/disable.

Another nice option would be double clicking notes would delete them vs having to choose eraser, or highlight and then press delete. Again, user preference option that could be enabled/disabled per users needs.

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Do you mean the length ‘WILL’ change automatically? cause yeah that would be a time saver for sure.

Exactly. Thank you! :smiley:

Yes, I can’t believe this isn’t fixed yet :-o

When I select an 8th note, I want the note to be an 8th long. Not having to select the length separately.

Anyone found a solution to this?