Midi note lengths

I use midi files to print out out melodies for my choir.
I have a midi file where the melody line is in 4/4 time with the main melody written in quavers (eighths)…
I would like to change ALL the notes in the song to double their length to make it easier for the singers to read.

Is there any way I can do this?

As an example, I have 8 quavers in a bar which I want to change to 8 crotchets over 2 bars.

Thanks if anyone can help,


I’m not sure, what exactly do you need. Do you need to make “half-tempo” or do you need to make your notes longer twice?

If you need to make half temo, select your MIDI track, and choose MIDI > Logical Presets – standard set 1 > half tempo. This makes all your MIDI notes twice longer, and make all gaps among notes twice longer.

Or you can use MIDI time stretch function. The result is exactly the same.

If you need to make all notes longer, and leave the position, open this “half tempo” preset in the Logical Editor, and delete the second line in the Action Target sheet. Delete the “Position > Multiply by > 2.000” line. This will make al your notes twice longer.

… and there’s a 3rd method…
Set all your tracks to Linear Timebase (as opposed to Musical Timebase). Double the Tempo in Cubase. Put all the tracks back to Musical Timebase.

Hi there Martin and Vic,

Sorry about my ignorance but how do you set the tracks to linear timebase (as opposed to musical)?
And… when I go to MIDI > Logical presets, the text is grey so won’t open.

Sorry to ask but I need lessons!



The Linear vs Musical time base, you can set on any rack. Musical time base is “orange note” icon. If you change it, there is grey symbol of clock. This is switching between these two modes.

Before, you choose MIDI > Logical presets, select notes, you want to edit. :wink:

Thanks Martin.

I’ve tried your suggestion which does make changes but it seems to shove all the notes around a bit. I appreciate your help but perhaps there isn’t a way to do what I want.