MIDI note loses pitch bend when I move it

Hello. I have a MIDI horn part-trombone with a pitch bend in it. But, when I move it in time, the pitch bend is lost. Is there a way to connect the pitch bend to the note ?



Usually the pitch bend events are in the same MIDI part as the notes (if both were recorded together).
Then of course the pitch bending would have to be moved along with the notes.
However, if the pitch bending was added later, it may be that the events are in a different MIDI PArt, which would then have to be moved as well.

Right click the Key Editor’s toolbar and tick “Auto Select Controllers”. This will add a new button to the toolbar that when activated, automatically selects controller events that belong to the selected notes. Only controller data in lanes that are currently visible are selected.

You can also use Note Expression to write controller data to individual notes.