midi note missing or slow when playback starts


I have had this issue since upgrading from 6.5

When I start playback, midi notes on some instruments are late or long for the first couple of beats, then it plays fine.

So, for an example, if I have an eZDrummer bassdrum on beats 1 and 3 and start at the top of the bar, the BD will be about half a beat late for the first beat, but the second will be fine.

With something like a piano, the notes will play at the wrong time and just jump, then will be fine after a couple of beats, possibly missing a couple of notes along the way. Almost like it is trying to play all the notes from the first beat or so all at once.

If I go into record with a 1 bar count in (not pre-roll) then playback is fine. Take the count in off and it goes wrong.

For the life of me I cannot think what could cause this.

Just to emphasize, this is not a general timing or delay issue, the rest of the playback is perfect (well, allowing for my playing, that is!)

Thanks in advance


I have a similar problem.
My midi drum track usually has a click (snare side stick) for the first 4 beats.
For some reason (bug) , the 2nd beat never makes a sound. This makes it very hard to count in (I don’t like using the metronome)

You get this sorted? Having this issue, it’s ridiculous!

I still have the problem, or at least part of it.

With Akoustic piano, for instance, if I go into play at the start of the bar, I hear nothing for half of that bar.

A couple of the Steinberg synths have the same problem, but EWQL Play is fine.

This is midi only - audio is fine.

And it is all fine when I go into record - it only is with play. Very odd.

Very odd indeed… it’s no good.

Does the problem go away if you deactivate ASIO Guard?

…don’t mean to jump in on OP’s post but it doesn’t for me.