Midi note names

Hi, midi notes in all my midi/score editors are showing a tone higher than concert pitch. ie concert pitch A (440) is written on the note as B. It’s playing the correct concert pitch A but is written as B.
Is there a fix for this please/



Do you mean all MIDI Editors? (i.e. Score editor, Key Editor, List Editor, Drum Editor), or just the Score Editor (which does indeed have a Display Transpose function, in Score Settings>Staff pane)?

Yep, all of them. It’s only on one track though. I’ve got Halion playing a chello and if I play middle C on the in place editor key board it actually plays B flat!

And you are certain that the track has no transposition on it?( Input transformer, Transformer FX, MIDI Modifier?)
What happens if you play a different VST Instrument from that track?

And you are absolutely sure that there is no transposition in the HALion preset itself?